Fra museet / From the museum

All the original plaster models for the bronze and granite sculptures in the Vigeland park is in the Vigeland Museum.

In the Fountain Hall, all the original full size plaster models for Vigeland's bronze fountain in the Vigeland Park are displayed. The central group with six giants supporting the large basin is surrounded by 20 tree groups. These individually formed tree groups, with figures, recount the history of mankind from cradle to grave. The portrayal of life begins with a tree entwining newly-born babies and ends in a tree with a skeleton figure, barely recognisable from the tree itself. In the 60 reliefs on the gallery's four walls, the life cycle of the tree groups is repeated, but with more details and greater variation in subject matter.

In the Monolith Hall stand several of the original plaster models to the 36 granite sculptures on the Monolith plateau, as well as the Monolith itself. This sculpture was carved in one piece (hence the name Monolith), but it was first modelled in clay, and then casted in plaster in three parts, as displayed in the museum today.

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