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61 pastels made by Gustav Vigeland for his apartment at Frogner, is conservated and given new frames.

In 1924, Gustav Vigeland moved with his wife Ingerid from Maridalsveien 17 to their new home at Frogner, today the Vigeland Museum. The apartment in the museum's second floor is almost 300 square meters, and Vigeland engaged himself to give his home a personal touch. In a few years he designed several decorative artifacts in wrought iron and made about sixty pastels for his two living rooms and bedroom.

Vigeland’s original framing of the pastels did not meet today’s requirements for conservation. It was therefore initiated a conservation project in 2012 by the museum’s Conservation Department, in cooperation with an external Paper Conservator and a maker of picture frames. The pastels are framed in a way that keeps their total impression close to the original setting. The pastels are now hanging freely behind the glass in the frame and are mounted on a colored, acid-free cardboard matching the colours of the motifs. The glass has UV protection and the wooden frames are stained and varnished with colours and profiles that are close to the old framework. All the pastels are hung back on its original site.

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