Fra museet / From the museum

This film (10 min) was made in connection with the exhibition "On the paths of the Soul. Gustav Vigeland and Polish sculpture around 1900". It presents the course from packing of sculptures in the National Museum in Krakow during the flood in May until the mounting and opening of the exhibition in the Vigeland Museum in Oslo 3 June 2010. The film is made to present the Vigeland Museum and the exhibition for the Polish public.


The exhibition was opened at the National Museum in Krakow the 5 October and will be open until 26 December 2010.


Read more about the exhibition on the Vigeland Museum's webpage and on the National Museum in Krakow's webpage.



The movie is made by FABER STUDIO and Andrzej Korneck, Michal Bozek og Krzysztof Gustyn.

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