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Jennie Bringaker is presenting the performance Portraits and monuments, stone and dead men in connection with Lotte Konow Lunds solo exhibition It casts no shadow and it has no colour, yet it is so visible in the Vigeland Museum.

Portraits and Monuments; Stone and Dead Men

The performance piece will be based on the construction of a monolith inside the atrium at The Vigeland Museum. The structure will be assembled out of recycled wood from the local dumpster. The construction will continue to grow throughout the duration of the 3 performances and gradually resemble the shape of Vigelands' monolith in the park nearby. The sculpture will be put up both as a celebration of and a protest against this famous artwork, and will be in dialogue with the large tower in front of it containing the urn with Vigelands' remains.

Bringaker will work on constantly changing the formation of the materials, and by this create a contrast to the heavy, masculine expression in the works by Vigeland at display in the museum. In stead of a permanent installation, she wishes to emphasis the temporary aspect of the working process and how this process can be understood as sculptural material itself.

Reading Vigeland as a romantic idealist, Bringaker has chosen to bring the text "The Oresteia" by Aeschylos into the performance piece. This old greek dramatic text was the only trilogy surviving antiquity, and gave form to an early understanding of the use of series in dramatic performances. In a similar way, the performance piece "Portraits and Monuments; Stone and Dead Men" wishes to establish a continuum in the the work by the 3 different performances being treated as a series.

Jennie Hagevik Bringaker (b. Oslo 1978), holds a BFA in theater production from the Norwegian Theater Academy (TAFT) and an MFA in Studio Art from New york University. Her work is generally within the realm of the performative as live performances and videos, but also resulting in drawings and sculptural work.


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