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Gustav Vigeland’s sculpture Young Girl with Hands in Front of Her Mouth (1926-1930) is again on display in Matias Faldbakken's solo exhibition "PORTRAIT PORTRAIT OF OF A A GENERATION GENERATION". This time the exhibition is shown at Wiels Contemporary Art Centre in Brussels, Belgium, in the period 12/12/2012-03/03/13. It was first shown at the premises of the Office for Contemporary Art Norway in Oslo (info and images in Norwegian) in spring 2012. Curator: Martha Kuzma.

What happens when a sculpture by Gustav Vigeland is taken out of its original context? This is one of the questions the Vigeland Museum have asked when Matias Faldbakken uses a sculpture by Vigeland in his exhibition project.

In recent years, the Vigeland Museum has focused on sculpture and installation art where various issues within these fields of expression have been discussed. This time, however, it is in many ways the museum that is the subject of such a discussion. Faldbakken’s intention to release the actual sculpture from its context and empty it of its original content is questioning, among other things, the significance of a work of art. Isolated, and at first glance, Faldbakken’s use of Vigeland’s sculpture seem radical, but he joins a tradition of artists who use art and cultural artefacts in their projects.

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