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Welcome to a Matinè Concert with improvised experimental sound art in the Vigeland Museum’s Fountain Hall, Sunday 7 April at 13:00

builder is currently working on their second album which this concert will provide a foretaste to. The Matinè Concert will consist of visual elements where the Fountain Hall's distinctive acoustics will contribute to a special concert experience. Spectators are encouraged to move around in the Hall.

Cloudbuilder is a live electronics duo based in Oslo consisting of Arne Borgan and Ulf A.S. Holbrook. By using field recordings, synths, contact microphones, circuit bent toys and homemade electronics they are building spaces with textures and drones. They released the handmade limited edition CD “Lowrider” in 2012.

Ulf Holbrook is a sound-artist and sculptor based in Oslo. He works predominantly with a fascination for the aesthetic and scientific aspects of nature, time, space and resonance. He releases solo as ulv and with the improtrio DUNLOPE HIGHFLEX.

Arne Borgan
is an artist working interdisciplinary with sound, video, drawing and installations. He was a member of the norwegian trio ARM and has done exhibitions and sound work in different constellations.

Cloudbuilder is also doing collaboration with the duo TARFIELD from Trondheim on the project CT[Lab]. CT[Lab] conducts audio, visual, space and time experiments in different venues and places.

The concert is included in the museum ticket and will last about two hours.

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